Third Pole, still sparks between Calenda and Renzi

The leader of Action: “This time, don’t worry, it didn’t work”. The former premier: “Enough controversy and let’s get back to work together”

Still no agreement for the single party between Action and Italia Viva to give birth to the Third Pole. And the tension between the leaders Carlo Calenda and Matteo Renzi does not seem to be resolved.

“Matteo Renzi these vulgarities hide an exaggerated nervousness. You simply tried to give us a rip off and you were sent back to the sender. This time the ‘keep calm’ didn’t work. Finished,” she wrote on Twitter calendar, referring to phrases attributed to the former prime minister who allegedly called the former minister “crazy”. But the press office of Italia Viva “denies the sentences” that are attributed “to Matteo Renzi referring them to unspecified friends of him. The statements made by Senator Renzi are those contained in Enews”.

“Yesterday Iv confirmed that he wants to deliberate the dissolution (with effect from 2024) only after knowing the winner of the congress and that he wants to continue doing politics through Iv at least for the whole of ’24. The same on making concrete economic commitments vs the new party. We instead we were ready to immediately make a commitment to disband and to turn over all the resources to campaign for the European elections”, explains the leader of Azione on Twitter.

“We have made a commitment with the voters – he adds – to create a single party, not an additional empty box. In the proposal presented there were (as in the first one) all the elements of democracy and contestability. After all, unlike Iv Action, he did all the municipal, provincial, regional, national congresses. Finally, we demanded that there be a clause that resumed the European Parliament’s ethical one on conflicts of interest. That’s it. The rest – concludes Calenda – are weapons of mass distraction”.

A tweet from the former premier also arrives shortly: “In these hours there are inexplicable controversies within the Third Pole. I am very sorry also because I don’t see a political reason for breaking up. I would avoid pursuing controversies and background stories. I would get to the point”. “Yesterday Action presented a document, we are fine with small, absolutely acceptable changes – writes Renzi – We have published them: the old parties are dissolved with the election of the national secretary of the single party. If Calenda agrees, we sign. If Calenda has changed her mind, we respect that and acknowledge it.”

“As for the Leopolda: anyone who knows that experience knows that it is a beautiful moment of political confrontation between different generations and histories – continues Renzi – It is a moment in which many people approach politics. To say that the Leopolda can no longer be made is an understatement it makes sense. We have been doing it with thousands of volunteers since 2010, I don’t see why we should stop doing it today at a time when politics must be defended against populism and sovereignty”. “Mine is a final appeal – concludes the leader of Italia Viva – no more controversy, let’s get back to work all together. We are here, aware of the responsibility towards so many people who ask us to go back to dreaming, not to fly low to the ground”.