Third pole, still stalemate between Calenda and Renzi. New meeting today

After yesterday’s meeting, there is no agreement between Action and Italia Viva for the birth of a unitary political force. Iv more optimistic: understanding except on two points. Calenda asks to mend the rift, otherwise “the single party will not be born”

There is still no agreement between Action and Italia Viva for the birth of the single party that would sanction the merger of the Third Pole. Yesterday there was a meeting, which was supposed to help resolve tensions. It ended after about three hours with a “nothing”, according to the words of Carlo Calenda. The political committee of the Action-Italia Viva federation discussed the new document on the path towards the single party of the Third Pole, but there are many fronts still open, with positions that remain distant.

New meeting today

A note from the press office Iv took stock of yesterday’s meeting. “The meeting concluded with agreement on all points and with an adjournment to Thursday at 5 pm on the last two issues. The question of money remains open, on which Iv is available to pay 50% of the expenses as has been done up until today and on Calenda’s request never to be Leopolda again. On all the other points, full agreement on the basis of the document presented by Azione. The dissolution of Italia Viva and Azione – it is further observed – will be contextual to the election of the new national secretary ” “Calenda asked all the members of the political committee, as he left, to make relaxing statements and then – this is the final thrust – he did the opposite, as always”.

Calenda’s words

Calenda, leader of Action, does not hold back his disappointment after the meeting. He mentions the “personal attack” received by Maria Elena Boschi “ten minutes before entering a meeting”, and comments: “it denotes the will to break, there is no climate of mutual respect”. Then she gets into it. Calenda records Iv’s unwillingness to dissolve the party. “They reiterated – he explains – that Iv will continue to do business in 2024. While we make the single party, Renzi is Leopolda? And what did I write “Jo Condor?”. He clarifies Renzi’s request: the resolution of the dissolution will only take place after it will be announced who the new secretary is. And on the economic question he claims he has not received answers from Iv: “the party would be born without financial support”. Then the direct appeal to the former prime minister. “Stop doing political activity with Italia Viva – he says – you do it in the organs of the Third Pole, if the conditions exist for no conflict of interest to do it”. And the invitation to the meeting updated to today: “Come and tell how you think, things are done with an open face”. For the leader of Action there are “hours of recovery” to mend the rift, otherwise “the single party will not be born”.