Third Pole, tension rises between Renzi and Calenda in the path for the single party

An Action executive speaks of “unacceptable tactics” pursued by the former prime minister: “Patience has run out. During the week it will be understood whether this knot can be resolved. If this is not the case, the single party will not be born”. Among the problems there would be the absence of Renzi and high names of IV in the federation of the Third Pole. The leader of Iv: “Let’s do the single party and the congress. If Calenda has changed his mind, tell him. Whoever wants to blow up the single party will assume responsibility”

There is tension between Action and Italia Viva. The two political forces of the Third Pole, committed to defining the path that should lead to the formation of a single party, are reportedly going through a difficult moment, as has emerged in various background stories in the media in recent days. Now, however, everything is quite clear: the “definitive” problem for the construction of the single party of the liberal democrats “is that Renzi does not want to make the commitment to dissolve Italia Viva and to finance the new entity and the electoral campaigns”, he said in the morning a senior executive of Action at theHandle. The source then defined the “month-long tactics of the former prime minister” as “unacceptable”. For this reason, “the patience of the managing group of Action has run out. During the week it will be understood whether this knot can be resolved. If this is not the case, the single party cannot be born”. There was no tactics, they retort from Italia Viva. In the meantime, Renzi has convened a meeting of parliamentarians and regional councilors in the Senate for tonight, however asking him not to make controversy. In the party, the feeling is that it is Calenda who wants to “to blow up the single party”.

Action: “Renzi absent from Third Pole commitments”

The source of Action points the finger at Renzi, accusing him of having “surprisingly replaced Rosato at the helm of the party, to directly control its money and structure”. In this way “he also delegitimized the political committee of the Third Pole federation where today there is no IV representative capable of making commitments”. Calenda, continues the source, “deems this attitude unacceptable as it is contrary to the commitments made with the voters”. Discontent also for Renzi’s absences from the activities of the Third Pole, “to take care of private affairs, to which was recently added The Reformist”.

Richetti: “One has to decide whether he wants to do politics or information”

And always on Renzi’s new role a The Reformist – after Calenda’s comments in recent days – the group leader of Azione-Italia Viva in the Chamber, Matteo Richetti, also expressed his opinion. Interviewed in the Sky Start broadcast, when the interviewer pointed out that Calenda himself raised doubts about the conflict of interest regarding Renzi at the helm of the newspaper, Richetti replied: “One must decide whether in life he does politics or information. When Renzi calls, does he talk to me about the party or does he interview me for Il Riformista? The Third Pole is strong if it is a clear project for everyone: for Action, Italia Viva, the liberals, the Catholics, the republicans. We are doing this thing and I am confident Calenda, he added, “will race supported by all of us. The members will decide from us. I hope and imagine that there will be many. It will be an open competition”.

Iv: “Calenda wants to blow up the single party”

After Richetti’s attack, Renzi allegedly tried to calm the waters within the ranks of his party, at least in appearance, asking not to stir up public controversy. “We have accepted all requests for Action. Membership, times of the congress, my step back, Calenda’s name on the symbol, money. Now let’s go ahead and create a single party and the congress. If Calenda has changed her mind, please say so. In my opinion it is a political mistake but whoever wants to blow up the single party will assume responsibility'”. This would be the position of the former prime minister, again according to what was leaked by Italia Viva. chose to form a single party and we have already defined the dates. We are not changing our minds and are working in this direction”, wrote the deputy of IV Maria Elena Boschi on Twitter. “We hold the congress and we discuss everything there. This is how it is done in democratic parties. Who is afraid of democracy?” So instead Teresa Bellanova, manager of Italia Viva.