Third Pole, ultimatum from Calenda to Renzi: “Decide if you want a single party”

The two leaders deny: “We smile in front of certain bizarre reconstructions of the newspapers”, declared Renzi and Calenda yesterday, but the doubt of friction between the two remains strong

“Renzi say if he’s okay, within 10 days. Yes or no”. Carlo Calenda wants the single centrist party, to be launched as early as March. According to a reconstruction by la Repubblica, the party leader addressed a sort of ultimatum to the directors of Azione on Tuesday. The former development minister would have a precise program in mind: launch the construction site of the single party, “changing its name because Third Pole doesn’t work”, quickly closing the memberships of Action and IV, to arrive at the election of the leader of the new formation ( which will see him nominated) by September-October. Calenda would also like to expand “to other forces” such as the former associates of Più Europa, but also “other exponents of the liberal world”. The two leaders deny: “We smile in front of certain bizarre reconstructions of the newspapers”, Renzi and Calenda declared yesterday, but the doubt remains strong that there is friction between the two.

“We have to exceed the quotas”

Calenda sees the way to relaunch in the single party. “We have to overcome the quotas, who stays with Action, who with Iv. They just hurt us. Also because I – Calenda would have said in Tuesday’s meeting – supported all the candidates, going around half of Italy, while Renzi supported only his own, rightly so, being president of Italia Viva, unlike me, who is president of all the federation”. The Calendians were penalized in the counting of preferences: of the 5 seats obtained by the Third Pole in the regional councils, 3 went to the Renzians, 2 to the exponents of Action. Renzi and Calenda will meet again on Monday 27, (the day after the primaries of the Democratic Party) when the political committee of the Third Pole has been convened, to decide once and for all which road to take.