Third Polo, Calenda presents road map for a single party by the autumn

“Our responsibility to give an immediate response. Millions of Italians do not identify with populism of the right and left”

The leader of the Third Pole Carlo Calenda presented a road map to the political committee of the Action-Italia Viva Federation to reach a single party by the autumn of this year. The process will start with the writing of a political and values ​​manifesto open to the contribution of associations, movements and personalities from the liberal-democratic, popular and reformist political areas. The process will be organized democratically and starting from the territories. The committee will meet next week to approve the document presented.

“It is our responsibility to give an immediate response to the millions of Italians who do not recognize themselves in the populism of the right and left and want a responsible, pragmatic and serious policy,” Calenda declared.

At the end of the meeting between the forces of the Third Pole, the leader of Action explained: “Tonight we reconfirmed the will to go ahead for the single party, to accelerate, next week we will meet again, we will vote and we will go forward”.

“If +Europe wants to be in the game and discuss ways we are the happiest in the world, the only thing I feel I can be clear about is that we must arrive at a single party by September-October” said Calenda.

“Schlein’s Democratic Party? It’s no to everything, no to the waste-to-energy plant, no to the regasification plants, no to the drills, it’s the Five Stars, there’s also an overlap on Ukraine. Then maybe he’ll change his mind, we saw Meloni enter Palazzo Chigi and turn into Dragons every other day,” he said.