Third Polo, Crozza-Calenda falls from the pear tree: “AAA looking for a serious person…” – Video

Maurizio Crozza as the leader of Action after his divorce with Renzi

In the new episode of ‘Fratelli di Crozza’ – broadcast on Friday in prime time on NOVE and streaming on discovery+ – Maurizio Crozza as Carlo Calenda fresh from his divorce from Renzi: “I thought I was doing politics in a serious way, having a serious party, with a serious office, with serious staff, a serious photocopier, a serious wi-fi, but if you start playing the facetious Leopolda, with consultancy funny, direct funny newspapers, no no… it horrifies me. I’m telling you the truth, do you see this? It is a pear tree branch. I fell from the pear tree. I kept the pears, at least I bring home serious fruit. And yes, even my wife had told me: ‘To Carlè, look, he places the tooth in your polo shirt, he does it for a living, he did it with Letta, he did it with Conte’. I said to her: ‘Yes my love, maybe I’m wrong but I feel that Matteo will be different with me’. And instead in a serious way… I fell from the pear tree. But that’s just how I am, I trust people. Just think that yesterday a gentleman from the East approached me with his dog and said: ‘Shall we make a third pole?’ … I woke up after two hours in the Capracotta landfill and look here … without a kidney! Then, for heaven’s sake, I don’t mind having one kidney less, I’m annoyed that Renzi has three, do you want to see that that gentleman from the East was from Italia Viva?