Third Polo, federation at the start with Calenda president

Check text in 4 points for agreement with Renzi. Towards a single party Action-Italia Viva

The terms of the Calenda-Renzi agreement have been announced to create “a federation that forms the basis for the creation of a single party within the shortest possible time” between Action and Italia Viva. In the text of the agreement, divided into four points, it is announced that “Azione and Italia Viva, with this deed, give life to a federation (the ‘Federation’), through which to participate in a coordinated way in political activity, with the aim of achieving, as soon as possible, the establishment of a single party of liberal democrats that is open to all liberal, reformist and popular forces and energies that recognize themselves in the values ​​of the Republic and reject any form of right-wing populism and left”.

On the subject of the ‘Alliances and political line’ between Calenda and Renzi it is expected that “the alliances, the methods of participation in national, administrative and European elections and the political line of the Federation will be defined by mutual agreement between Action and Italia Viva”. Furthermore, “the activity of the Federation will be coordinated by a Political Coordination Office made up of fourteen members: the President, in the person of Carlo Calenda, the Vice President, who will be designated by Italia Viva, the group leaders of the Chamber and Senate, designated, respectively by Azione and Italia Viva, and five members on each side appointed, respectively, by Azione and Italia Viva. The President will be the political head of the Federation”.

The ultimate goal is that of the “Constitution of the single party”. “Action and Italia Viva – we read – will give life to the path for the establishment of a single party to be completed as soon as possible”.