Third Polo, Renzi: “Calenda does what he wants, no more mud”

“A liberal does not use justicialism, he does not confuse a warrant with a conviction”

“A liberal doesn’t use justicialism, he doesn’t confuse a guarantee notice with a conviction. But Calenda does what he wants”. Word of Matthew Renzi, today in the Fourth Republic on Rete4. “I have been accused, attacked, insulted. It is true – continues the leader Iv – that I do conferences. As happens to many other ex-premiers. And I also did this activity 6 months ago, when Calenda needed the symbol for not collecting signatures on policies… I think that what happened is ungenerous towards the many who want to vote for the Third Pole”, a failed project “due to someone’s personal ambitions”. “No More Mud” these days a “series of ridiculous figures”.

“On Calenda’s phrases about Silvio Berlusconi, I think he made a politically short-sighted and humanly ungenerous operation”, continues the number one of Italia Viva, who explains: “Forza Italia is Berlusconi and Berlusconi is Forza Italia and I say it to all those who speak of the votes of Fi. That political history was born from the intuition of a man who made a piece of political history”.

Furthermore, according to Renzi, the reformist left “has nothing to do with Schlein. I have a reformist vision of the country that is not the maximalist one of Schlein or even the sovereign one of Meloni”. Meloni wants to find a shock measure for the Europeans? “I’ll ask her for royalties … Even on the nomination,” she jokes, continuing :. “It was not the Democratic Party, it was not Conte, nor the Third Pole that made the best opposition to Meloni. It was Flavio Briatore, it was he who said that no one here talks about taxes anymore”. Overcome Giorgia Meloni right on taxes? “No it’s that I lowered the taxes, she didn’t….”. “I – he admits – see it well on foreign policy. For the moment Meloni and Tajani are doing well” while “I believe that the government has handled the Cutro affair very badly. On the immigration issue, it depends how you put it. Immigration is not confused with lawlessness”.

On the reformist front, he explains, “she will make an attempt to feed ideas. As Leopolda has always done. The fundamental point is not to be afraid of what ideas, but of those who don’t have any”.