Third vaccine dose, Galli: “It won’t be the last”

“An annual booster with targeted updates on the dominant variant is conceivable”

The third dose of covid vaccine will not be the last. Massimo Galli, former director of Infectious Diseases at the Sacco hospital in Milan, says this to Adnkronos Health, in the context of the covid epidemic in which the Omicron variant has also risen to prominence in Italy. “I would like to say, although I am sorry to say, that in a situation in which in a year we have had three different variants that have taken the scene, the last of which is very different from the virus on which the vaccines were made, the third dose will not be the last dose needed, “says Galli.

What happened “leads me to think – underlines the expert – that the matter will evolve into a situation in which periodically it will be necessary to repeat, if things do not change, a vaccination set up perhaps with new vaccines targeted on the predominant variant, a bit on the model influence”.

A booster once a year with vaccine updates? “It is one of the possible hypotheses that I think should be considered. But if there were any doubts” about the need for an adjustment of the vaccines “I think they have been dispelled by this Omicron variant which has 32 mutations compared to the Wuhan virus and which would justify by itself that a new vaccine is put in place “, he concludes.