This is Carolina Arregui’s look for which she became the center of criticism on the Internet

The actress Carolina Arregui 57 years old is one of the most famous artists in the region and as a consequence one of the most followed on social networks. The blonde is currently starring in the telenovela “Juego de Ilusiones” on the Mega channel and accumulates thousands of fans who follow the story closely.

Carolina Arregui She accumulates almost a million followers on Instagram alone and for them she shares her best poses and looks, since she is a benchmark for fashion and trends. The mother of mayte rodriguez It also allows you to see postcards of your daily life, trips and moments with both your family and friends.

But now Carolina Arregui He surprised everyone with a production of photos that he took to celebrate Mother’s Day and shared it with his audience, but it was not welcomed and, on the contrary, he was filled with criticism. The actress wore jeans, a short shirt, a matching coat and boots.

Carolina Arregui. Source: instagram @carito_arregui

Carolina Arregui she combined the look with delicate makeup, and loose hair with waves but the haters made it clear that they did not like the production of photos. “This is how I feel … empowered in the month of the mother” wrote the protagonist of Game of Illusions who was criticized for her body.

Carolina Arregui. Source: instagram @carito_arregui

“Are you okay?… that extreme thinness is not necessary. You’ve always been terrific and an incredible actress. Take care, don’t get sick”, “She will be scratching the potato”, “Regia and everything but she needs a little more meat”, “Pretty but very skinny”, “Accept your almost 60 years, Carito!”, “It seems bone casserole ”, and “so pretty but now she is skull-like”, were some of the reactions she received Carolina Arregui.