This is how Benjamín Vicuña reacted when asked about China Suárez’s current boyfriend

Benjamin Vicuna has always defended China Suarez, when pointed out by the media. During Wandagate, for example, the actor came out to defend her, explaining that she is the mother of his children. However, recently the former “Casi Ángeles” indirectly criticized him through her social networks.

This week the China He made his defense against the show program LAM, specifically against Ángel De Brito and Yanina Latorre. In his Instagram stories, he published a Twitter thread made by a fan of hers, where she shows several videos that show the “cruelty” against her person.

“I have been wrong and I am wrong like everyone else, but I speak of a persecution, and I have never spoken so deeply about this because it is difficult for me”, was part of what the China recognized in the video. Minutes later, she released a tweet referring to the parents of her children, Benjamin Vicuna and Nicolas Cabre.

“Regarding my motherhood. We women who live with our children 24/7 (except one day when the father has them, when he can, of course, because he travels a lot for “work”). We do what we can. And I assure you that I do very well. Stop fucking with me because I won’t shut up +” he launched the China in the social network of the little bird.

Vicuna He attended the Mau y Ricky concert at the Movistar Arena a few days ago. There the LAM chronicler, Alejandro Castelo, asked him about the actress: “I don’t speak. I’m not going to talk about her or about her or about her at her time. It seems to me that it does not belong to me. The things that we should talk about, which are about our children, we have a form and that’s it. The rest, I can’t go out and comment on things that don’t belong to me.”

At the insistence of the chronicler, Vicuna He added: “I’m not talking about her, it’s a very closed issue. Let her look for her forms, but she is already there. She’s done. I keep that to myself, I don’t talk about her anymore. I think she is a grown woman.” The mobile player finally asked: “Do you know Rusher?” “Who?” replied the actor. “To Rusherking”. Benjamin shook his head and ended up answering humorously before entering the room. “This is bad. It’s bad, bad, “he said, pointing to the communicator.