This is how Daniela Aránguiz reacted after Cecilia Bolocco’s apologies

The influencer and model Daniela Aranguiz commented on the apologies he requested Cecilia Bolocco after the event that put her at everyone’s wedding. A few days ago Bolocco was doing a live on Instagram as she usually does, and she said a series of fat-phobic comments. However, after a few days and after the cataract of criticism received from users, Cecilia apologized sincerely.

Cecilia Bolocco. Source: Instagram @ceciliabolocco

Among the list of those who expressed their opinion on the matter now entered Daniela Aranguiz, the wife of soccer player Jorge Valdivia. Daniela decided to comment on the statements of the former Miss Universe, and she said: “I believe Cecilia Bolocco. And I saw her totally hurt, repentant. Without wanting to defend anyone, I put myself in the situation that she has her years and when she has them, it is very noticeable, it is seen that she is sorry, “said the panelist of the program” Zona de Estrellas.

Somehow Daniela defended Cecilia, but as she passed she also threw a small offensive to put her in her place. The age factor is the cause of Cecilia’s way of thinking according to Daniela Aranguiz. He believes her apology, but understands that the former Miss Universe thinks in an ancient way.

However, even though at that time Daniela He was not so forceful with his position in favor of Cecilia, if he did so when he had to defend her against Manu Gonzáles’s comment. The latter accused Bolocco of dressing up in her supposed apology video.

Daniela Aranguiz. Source: Instagram @danyaranguizf

“I take that to mean that you know what it feels like to be mistreated, you are not victimizing yourself. I did not take the forgiveness of Cecilia as something to fix her image, not at all, I see her totally sorry and sorry heavy. I see her and I felt sorry for her, I empathized with her, ”said Daniela and added:” I feel that she tried to say that she has also been humiliated and has been in the place where she unintentionally put many girls ”.