This is how Demi Moore demonstrates how to wear a bikini perfectly while walking her puppy

Once again the actress Demi Moore and his chihuahua Pilaf They went out for a walk and left a record of it. It’s worth mentioning that the two go almost everywhere together, as the little pup is a frequent star on Demi’s Instagram page.

own From my She’s becoming more and more of a social media star, especially after her swimsuit collaboration with Andie this summer.

Although summer might be nearing its end, it’s still warm enough at the beach to take a swim or two and wear swimsuits one last time before they go into the closet for the year.

The recent trip to the beach From my It was an educational experience for Pilafas From my pointed out that Pilaf was receiving “swimming lessons”.

In the short video clip, you see From my wading into the ocean tide wearing a skimpy bikini as she leads her dog to shore.

Demi and the person filming can be heard congratulating Pilaf as she emerges from the water, tail wagging.

Pilaf has been to many places this year, not just on the beach. He frequently joins Demi on boat trips and even went to France with the actress, and was able to get into the Louvre despite her no-pets policy.

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Demi Moore took her dog for a walk to the Louvre

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A post shared by Demi Moore (u0040demimoore)

Of course, Pilaf had to go with Demi Moore to the louvre Regardless of your pet policy.

In the three-photo post, Demi wrote, “Pilaf takes on the Louvre” and opened with a shot of her holding Pilaf in front of the Mona Lisa.

The other two photos show Pilaf tucked into Demi’s shirt, barely poking her head through the blue fabric.

Whether or not Demi infiltrated Pilaf or was simply allowed to bring her self-proclaimed “fellow traveler” is unknown.