This is how Eli de Caso looks today, 30 years after the first television program "Good afternoon Eli"

The driver Eliana de Caso rose to fame with his emblematic television and social aid program called “Good afternoon Eli”, which aired for 8 years on the Mega screen. The format was very successful and provided support to part of the audience that was calling in on the phone.

The team of professionals working with Eli from Case It was made up of social workers and health professionals, who were part of a panel that responded to the audience’s requirements on different issues such as legal, social, and family, among others.

The program ‘Good afternoon Eli’, It was so successful that the TVN network made an excellent financial arrangement to remove it from Mega and take it to its grid where it continued for several years. In 2005 this format with Eli from Case he left television and debuted on radio Agriculture, and was on the air until last year.

Eli from Case did not disappear from the screen while doing radio ‘Good afternoon Eli’ On the contrary, he made special appearances on television and in 2008 he was animating a morning magazine with Luis Jara. Currently, the host makes commercials and has agreements with important brands to promote her products.

Eli from Caso today. Source: instagram @elidecaso

In parallel form, Eli from Case He uses his social networks where he accumulates almost a million followers to provide the help that his audience has always asked for on television. In this way, he gives advice on mental health, family and couple relationships, childcare and others.