This is how Georgina Rodríguez reacted to Shakira’s latest video with her children Milan and Sasha

Acrostic, the last theme of Shakira He has already generated more than 42 million views on YouTube in a video clip in which his two children, Milan and Sasha, participate. In the song, she changes the vindictive tone towards his ex, Gerard Piqué, for a more intimate and tender one. In this composition, the Colombian singer focused more on the love she feels for her children, Milan and Sasha, and her role in helping him overcome this delicate moment in her personal life.

It is worth noting that Shakira Since April, he has lived in Miami with his two children and has monopolized several journalistic portals. Either for supposed romances or for her award in the first edition of the Billboard Latin Women. It’s gratifying how many celebrities have reacted favorably to her latest music release.

Georgina Rodríguez was one of the many celebrities who praised Shakira’s video. Source: Instagram @shakira

In that sense, it was Georgina Rodriguez, the model and businesswoman wife of the renowned soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo, who did not hesitate to comment on the video, which shows the talent of her two sons in music. “Wonderful”, wrote the Spanish-Argentine in the clip that she shared Shakira on her Instagram account and her comment has already accumulated nearly 40,000 likes and more than 100 messages sending love to Georgina.

It is worth noting that Georgina He also received some very loving messages from his followers. Some of the comments: “Her children are just as cute as yours”, “blessings for both of you”, “you are wonderful too”, “mother’s love is the best”, “the two queens”, “they are mothers wonderful”, “beautiful like your family”.

Georgina shares many photos with her partner and their children. Source: Instagram @georginagio

Georgina He has more than 49 million followers on his Instagram account. She is very active on the social network and that is why she shared a tender video with the little ones in the home. She showed the beautiful relationship she has with the little ones in the family, with whom she shares moments of joy and games.