This is how Gonzalo Valenzuela reacted to the return of Kika Silva to the United States

Chilean model Francisca “Kika” Silva has revealed that her relationship with the actor Gonzalo Valenzuela it will have to be remote due to his return to Los Angeles, United States. The businesswoman, influencer and model, she had been in Chile for a few months, where she increased her stay due to her relationship with the actor. However, Kika Silva explained that she always intended to go back to Los Angeles because she has all of her stuff there.

Kika Silva. Source: Instagram @kikasilva

Although distance can be difficult in a relationship, Silva said her romance with valenzuela continues, and that he was aware of her eventual return. The model added that the actor has been a great support in everything he is doing and that she will see him very soon. In addition to his return to his daily routine, Silva He explained that he returned to California to continue promoting his business, Iki, and to take a course that will allow him to continue growing in his career. He also announced that he has some television projects for Chile that will be filmed abroad.

kika silva He does not rule out the possibility of returning to Chile soon, since his dates depend on labor issues. For her, this 2023 is an important year for her career, both in Chile and in Los Angeles.

Gonzalo Valenzuela. Source: Instagram @gonzalovalenzuela.

Although distance can be an obstacle in a relationship, Gonzalo and Kika they seem to be invested in making their romance work. With today’s technology, it’s possible to keep in touch with loved ones despite the distance, and the couple seems to be making the most of these tools to keep their relationship afloat.

In short, the relationship between Kika Silva and Gonzalo Valenzuela it will have to be at a distance, but the model is committed to making their romance work. Silva has returned to Los Angeles to continue her daily routine and continue working on her career, but she does not rule out the possibility of returning to Chile soon.