This is how incredible Alonso’s birthday cake was, the son of Marité Matus and Arturo Vidal

Last Sunday, May 7, Alonso Vidal, son of the renowned soccer player Arturo vidal, celebrated his 14th birthday in the company of his family and close friends. During the celebration, her mother, Marité Matusgave him a special gift that made his son feel very loved and appreciated.

The birthday of the “monkey” Vidal. Source: Instagram @mariteematus.

In addition to congratulatory messages from his family and friends, Alonso received a cake inspired by soccer, his favorite sport. The cake, in addition to being visually appealing, was of high quality and very luxurious. Marité Matus, Alonso’s mother, took the opportunity to send an emotional message to her son on her Instagram account. In her message, the mother was proud of her son, highlighting his intelligence, his generosity and his ability to fulfill his dreams.

He also highlighted the figure of Alonso as an older brother and his role in the family. “You are a man we are becoming, because they are already 14. My always child and that you teach us something new every day,” the mother concluded. The gesture of Marité Matus It shows the love and care you have for your child. It is important to recognize the importance of these small details that make people feel appreciated and valued on their birthday and at any other time of the year.

Alonso Vidal’s birthday celebration was an example of the importance of family and how these gatherings can strengthen family ties. Furthermore, the presence of Arturo vidalwho currently plays for Inter Milan, demonstrates the importance of family in the lives of athletes.

In short, the gift of Marité Matus to his son Alonso Vidal on his birthday was a show of love and affection that reminds us of the importance of valuing our loved ones and enjoying family moments.