This is how Michelle Carvalho reacted to the controversy between Daniela Aránguiz and Anita Alvarado

There is no doubt that the scandal of the week is that of Daniela Aranguiz and Anita Alvarado. Both figures attacked each other with harsh comments through social networks, but everything arose when the Chilean Geisha assured that Jorge Valdivia cheated on the influencer with her daughter.

“Yeah, I’m going to fuck you. Angie was 17 and yes, she was with your husband. That I am a prostitute is already too much. That was at 25 years old. I was the best. I met your husband at my house. You were gored. The father begged for him to continue with the Wizard. He came home by taxi. Everyone in the condominium knew him,” he shot. Anita Alvarado.

The situation became a topic of conversation on social networks and several celebrities commented on it. The first of them was the singer Karen Bejarano who has been facing for years with Daniela Aranguiz since they coincided in the reality show “The Chef’s Disciple” and said: “In life everything is returned… karma”.

Now the model joins Michelle Carvalho who commented on his social networks: “It gave me life, in fact, I felt empty, half lost in life and when I saw that Live it gave me life, my hair caught fire. I haven’t seen such a good cahuin for a long time. But I cannot go further, because one cannot give an opinion about the life of others, not about other people’s cahuines”.

Daniela, Karen and Anita. Source: Terra archive

Without a doubt Michelle Carvalho was much more cautious with Daniela Aranguiz than Bejarano and explained: “I only know that it entertained me, but since it has nothing to do with me, I don’t think any further, because if tomorrow I were involved in some cahuin like that, I wouldn’t want anyone to have an opinion either.”

Michelle Carvalho. Source: instagram @mrs_carvalho

“They can entertain themselves at home, discussing it with their acquaintances, but not publicly, because I would not like people to make fun of it, because perhaps, for the people involved, it is a sensitive issue,” he closed. Michelle Carvalho and this is something that you will always be grateful for Daniela Aranguiz.