This is how Shakira consoled Gerard Piqué when he broke down in tears during the negotiation

Though Shakira Y Pique They were never officially married. At the end of their 12-year relationship, they had to go through extensive negotiations to finalize their separation. It was “Look” magazine that reported all the details of the meeting that took place at the ex-couple’s house. Together with their lawyers, they debated the future of their family for 12 long hours. Piqué arrived last at the meeting, tired and emotionally devastated, the former Barcelona player was received by the lawyers and Shakira herself in the living room of the home.

Shakira and Ozuna in “Monotonía” the clip after the separation. Source: Instagram @shakira

According to the magazine in question, during the conversations there was a series of “reproaches, misunderstanding, conflicting positions, but not a single bad word or one higher than the other. It was all very civilized given how difficult and hard the negotiation was. “. Detail that speaks of what good people and parents they are Shakira Y Piquedespite the pain and heartbreak of both.

As the clock marked the hours and dawn began, Piqué was “more unstable than his ex, who was always more distant and cold. Talking with Shakira and their lawyers was like talking to a wall. They didn’t give in and they weren’t going to give in.”

Shakira and Piqué just in love. Source: Pinterest

It was at a moment of tension when Piqué decided to go out into the patio to get some air. Upon returning he asked Shakira a moment alone in the kitchen. That encounter with the mother of his children ended up breaking him. “At that exact moment Pique collapsed. Alone with what had been his wife for 12 years and the mother of his children, he could not bear the pressure and burst into tears. Pique admitted not understanding the intransigence of the Latin popstar, but for the For the good of his children, he said that he was not going to oppose any more. The artist ended up consoling him for a few minutes in which they remained alone and without external interference with a heartfelt hug”, as detailed by the magazine “Look”

Shakira, Piqué and Milan. Source: Pinterest

After the match is over, Shakira Y Pique They shared a statement in which they recounted the final resolution of their entire conversation. The first thing they expressed was the main objective of both: “the well-being of their children.” The two children from now on will live with their mother in Miami. Piqué, who purposely hastened his retirement from soccer, will travel frequently to visit them.