This is how the luxurious mansion that Gerard Piqué would lose for being unfaithful to Shakira looks

Gerard Piqué Y Shakira They add a new chapter to their separation that occurred in the middle of this 2022. They still have legal disputes over the properties they acquired during their relationship. In addition, their lawyers are analyzing the custody of the couple’s two children. It is known that the singer wants to take them to live in Miami, where she has a residence.

It transpired that Pique would lose one of the properties acquired during the coexistence with the Colombian singer. It is a mansion located on top of a hill in the town of Esplugues de Llobregat, one of the most exclusive in the city of Barcelona. The mansion of around 900 million dollars would be left for her children, Sasha and Milan, to live with. Shakira.

The house where Shakira would live with her children. Source: Pinterest

The mansion that would stay Shakira It was built in 2012 and measures approximately 3,800 square meters. It is distributed over three floors and two underground, where the cellar and garage are located. In addition, the property has space for a small adjoining house for guests and a private pool. Among the many special features that the house has, there are several terraces, a cinema, gym, recording studio, tennis court and elevator.

It is speculated that the loss of that luxurious property would have been due to the player’s infidelity towards shakira. The legal agreements have not been known by the press. In addition, there are still other properties in question to divide between Pique and the artist. Currently, the player is in a relationship with the young Clara Chía Martí, a courtship that would have been born while he was with the mother of his children.

Front of the mansion located in an exclusive area of ​​Barcelona. Source: Pinterest

The separation of Shakira and the Barcelona player is still not legally resolved. Days ago it became known that she has been very hurt by the behavior of Gerard regarding the difficult moment that the singer is going through due to the health of her father, William, who is admitted to a clinic in Barcelona. She is disappointed because she has not contacted her to find out how her children’s grandfather is doing.