This is how the topless of an Argentine journalist was commented after the triumph of her team

There is no doubt that the triumph of the Argentine soccer team has deeply affected the neighboring country and that, in addition, it unleashed all the joy and madness that come hand in hand with a sporting moment of this magnitude. And within the celebrations, unusual moments also occur due to the bets paid and promises made in the fervor of the previous one. And that was what motivated the journalist from Chronicle Lorraine Toso He will show himself bare-chested at the celebrations after saying on Twitter “I’ll put on lolas in the #Obelisco if it’s Argentina’s triumph.”

Lorena Toso kept her promise

The communicator, showing off her good humor and her word, arrived at the celebrations where millions of Argentines celebrated the victory of the albiceleste and, as appropriate, she kept her promise.

Within the human sea that filled the streets of Buenos Aires, Lorraine Toso he took off his shirt on Av 9 de Julio and bravely and sympathetically sealed the promise he made on the networks. And of course, as expected, it was she herself who, through a story on Instagram, showed the moment with the photo and the phrase “Promises are kept”.

Lorena Toso’s promise went viral

And as expected, the photo not only reached Lorena’s public on networks, but the media echoed the humor and she even undertook the task of highlighting it. So much so that she posted a tweet in the Chilean newspaper La Cuarta along with the caption “Hey, the repercussions of the #promise fulfilled @lacuarta reached #Chile.”