This is how Trini Neira reacted when her father’s partner attacked Pamela Díaz

the television presenter pamela diaz The 41-year-old ignited the controversy last week when he gave strong statements about his ex-partners on the Canal 13 Game Textual program. There the brunette said that neither Manuel Neira nor Fernando Tellez meet their children’s food quotas.

“Economically, not a single one happens. Today I take responsibility for everything in general. From whether they are sick or not sick, if they eat something, if they are angry… I live all things alone and it is super heavy” sentenced pamela diaz on TV and shot at his exes.

Later pamela diaz He made a video on Instagram in which he told his fans: “Dear people, I’ve been leaving BancoEstado, big alimony, after standing in line, paying a lawyer (shows document), we reached an agreement of $290,000 pesos, first deceased , that pays me for each child, he hasn’t paid me for five months, moreover I have to go to court…another deceased, he hasn’t seen my daughter for three years and he hasn’t paid the pension for two”.

His daughter Trini Neira she was one of the first to react and publicly supported her mother pamela diaz by leaving an “I love you” written on the publication. But now, Manuel Neira’s current partner was the one who attacked the brunette and wrote on social networks: “I can’t understand how they give so much broken, crazy and liar life a screen. What a disaster!”

Trini Neira’s reaction. Source: instagram @trini.neira

Faced with the accusations of Francisca Morales, her father’s partnerTrini Neira She reacted on the social network of the little camera and shared this message and placed on top: “Crazy? Yes hahaha but not a liar” and ended this discussion that her mother started pamela diazweeks ago.