This is how Yailin La Más Viral reacted to the news that Anuel AA will be a father

A few weeks ago it became known that Anuel AA He will be a father for the second time, but not with his girlfriend Yailin, known online as ‘the most viral’. The young woman who is pregnant with the singer is called Melissa Vallecilla and both had a fleeting romance in the last quarter of last year.

Melissa Vallecilla told Anuel AA that she was pregnant and he promised her his support but soon she met yailin and stopped paying attention to him and answering the phone. The truth is that the young woman is already 7 months pregnant and so far neither the singer nor his girlfriend had referred to the subject.

But now yailin She surprised everyone on the network by posting a video where she and her boyfriend Anuel are seen with a girl in her arms. The Dominican holds the little girl in her arms while hers, in love with her, gives her kisses on her forehead and next to it she wrote: “When we have our baby.”

with this video yailin hinted that he doesn’t care Anuel AA is going to have a child with another woman and that she is still firm with the idea of ​​getting pregnant and marrying the singer. A few weeks ago, fans speculated that she was waiting sweetly and she came out to clarify the situation.

Anuel AA and Yailin. Source: Terra archive

“Since we met we’ve really been trying and it hasn’t come off,” he said. Yailin. That is to say that at any moment the couple will give the good news and Anuel AA He will already have three children from different mothers who join Pablo, the eldest heir to the interpreter he had with his first partner, Astrid Cuevas.