This is how you can achieve the Easter bread that Cecilia Bolocco makes for the holidays

Nothing is missing for the end-of-year parties, and among the preparations, food is one of the ones that takes the longest to plan. One of the most anticipated dishes by the family is the typical Easter bread. A cake that, although it is available in bakeries and businesses, there is nothing better than enjoying making it at home. Cecilia Bolocco She is one of those who enjoys making this preparation and has shared it at the time with all her followers in one of her live classics of Instagram.

Cecilia Bolocco. Source: Instagram @ceciliabolocco

Cecilia Bolocco, the former Miss Universe of 1987 published the step by step of her mother Rose Marie Fonck’s recipe a year ago, in 2021, teaching how to prepare this popular sweet dish. For those who are thinking of making their own Easter bread for these holidays, review the entire recipe here:

Cecilia Bolocco’s Easter bread

Cecilia Bolocco’s recipe. Source: Instagram @ceciliabolocco

Cecilia He asked his mother for the recipe over the phone, and revealed that he asked her permission to share it with all his followers on instagram, to which her mother replied: “Yes, well, mijita, it’s an invention of mine.” Then she prepared to film the entire preparation, positioning the camera in a strategic place in the kitchen, where you could see her and her huge mixer.

Later, he dedicated himself to listing all the ingredients that they must have to do what he said Cecilia Bolocco “the best Easter bread in the world”. Like an amateur cooking show, Bolocco showed in the video the approximate amounts of each element used in the preparation.

Easter bread. Source: Pixabay.

So, the list of ingredients to make the Easter bread are: “5 eggs, butter, brown sugar, flour, candied fruit, nuts (to taste), baking powder, nutmeg, cinnamon and anise”.

The first step is to mix the butter and brown sugar to create a paste, then put that paste in the mixer and while stirring, add the eggs and all the remaining ingredients, including the nuts. “It looks exquisite on her, I don’t know how she’s going to look on me, I’ve never done it,” Cecilia justified herself. However, in another later video she showed that she had managed to do the easter bread from his mother.