This is inside the luxurious mansion of Lilibeth Morillo, the daughter of José Luis ‘el Puma’ Rodríguez

Lilibeth Morillo is the middle daughter of the renowned Venezuelan singer Jose Luis ‘El Puma’ Rodriguez but he does not use his last name, because he and his older sister Liliana have been at odds with their father for a long time. The truth is that she is also a singer and actress and has followed her own path.

Lilibeth Morillo She is the daughter of the first marriage of Puma Rodriguez with fellow artist Lila Morillo and of the two sisters, she is the one with the lowest profile. If there is something he has in common with Liliana, it is the null relationship with her sister Genesis, the singer’s daughter with his second wife Carolina Pérez.

That’s the way it is, Lilibeth Morillo He makes permanent contact with his fans through social networks where he accumulates almost 500,000 followers from all latitudes who do not lose track of him. For them, she shares photos of her best looks, poses, family moments and previews of her work as a singer.

Lilibeth Morillo. Source: instagram @soylilibethmorillo

Recently, Lilibeth Morillo premiered a new song with her inseparable sister Liliana Rodríguez Morillo called ‘Malo’ and there she talks about the relationship they both have with him Puma Rodriguez. There have been many twists and turns and recently the singer was willing to have a private meeting with them.

The truth is that a few days ago Lilibeth Morillo He showed the impressive mansion in which he lives in Miami by sharing a short clip in which he is having breakfast with a cup of coffee that has a photo of the Rodríguez Morillo sisters printed on it and behind it you can see an incredible pool surrounded by gardens and a view to the privileged sea.