This is inside the luxurious van of Sonia Isaza, the girlfriend of Arturo Vidal

The player Arturo vidal He has started a new stage in Brazil, where he plays for Flamengo. He does not spend his days alone and is well accompanied by Sonia Isaza, his current girlfriend, who is dedicated to modeling and is a well-known face on social networks for her fitness content that paralyzes more than one. In addition, her daughter is part of her family.

Sonia Isaac He usually shows his gym work on Instagram with sporty and tight outfits, which reveal his imposing physique, which demands many hours of hard work. For a few years, the Colombian and the player have had a fairly stable love relationship, despite the fact that there have been rumors that they separated for several months.

Daniela, the daughter of Sonia Isaac, has shown to be a fan of luxury cars and has also been criticized by netizens for the lifestyle she leads. However, with the support of her mother, everything is easier. Vidal’s girlfriend appeared on social networks turning on the web and this time it was not because of her videos, but because of a post that she shared where she is seen inside her favorite car.

Sonia inside the car. Source: Instagram @niaisazaoficial

The luxurious van where Sonia Isaac He went out for a walk recently, it was nothing more and nothing less than the Mercedes Benz G-Class that belongs to Arturo Vidal. But in this case, it is a version modified by the BRABUS company, thus creating the Brabus 800 Widestar, the most powerful SUV we have seen and heard.

Mercedes Benz G-Class. Source:

As can be seen in the photos of isazathe interior of the truck, valued at about 350,000 euros, is completely luxurious, with leather seats that carry custom headrests.