This is Rosalía’s condition that affects her health and her concerts

The renowned singer rosalia She is one of the most popular with her talent and lifestyle. The Spanish artist has more than 23.4 million followers on her social networks whom she dazzles with each of her publications where she shows herself with different looks and visiting incredible places where she offers her shows. .

Rosalia posing. Source: Instagram @rosalia.vt

At 30 years of age, he has become one of the phenomena of the world scene and thanks to his beauty he does not stop stealing sighs in the men’s audience. rosalia he broke all the parameters with his hit “badly” and since then he has not stopped offering hit after hit for lovers of his music.

Rosalia posing. Source: Instagram @rosalia.vt

But not everything is rosy in the singer’s life. in your account TikTokwhere he uploads videos showing his daily routines and some choreographies with his songs, rosalia reported that he suffers from a condition that affects his health and comes to condition the concerts he offers.

Rosalía’s condition that affects her health

Through the Chinese platform, he revealed to his followers that the lyrics of his songs have been forgotten at several concerts. Based on what has been said and the analysis made by the media specialized in entertainment, rosalia would have a picture of Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity, which is also known as ADHDand that begins to manifest itself during childhood.

Rosalia posing. Source: Instagram @rosalia.vt

This disorder has treatment and can be controlled depending on the degree to which it is found. When it is detected at an early age, it can disappear over the years, but without a doubt it can be a difficult obstacle to overcome for someone who needs to be focused to work and even more so in the face of such public exposure as the one he has. rosalia.