This is the aesthetic retouching that Gerard Piqué gave to Clara Chía and surprised Shakira

These are not easy days for Clara Chia Marti. In the closest environment to the brand new couple of Clara and Piqué, it is rumored that Clara has been quite affected by the song of Shakira. It is said that she had gone to her parents’, and sneaks out to avoid the press. With this context, Gerard Piqué He decided to give a special detail to his girlfriend. However, it is not an ordinary gift and of course they did not let it go.

Clara chia and Piqué. Source: Instagram @clarachia55

The gift he gave Gerard Piqué to Clara Chía to make her feel better, it’s an aesthetic touch-up, and it would make her look even more like Shakira. A bit twisted what Piqué thinks apparently.

The Spanish media confirmed that Clara Chia who is the event organizer for Kosmos, was not able to leave her house and do her job because people recognize her on the street and they sing to her the worst bit of Shakira’s song that says: “She has the name of a good person . It’s clearly not what it sounds like.”

So it was that with the intention of cheering her up, Gerard Piqué I give you an aesthetic touch-up. It is an injection of hyaluronic acid in the mouth, but what caused disagreement is that if her lips widen she could look even more like Shakira.

Partners in crime. Source: Instagram @ clarachia55.

In addition, the journalist Lorena Vázquez in the Mamarazzis podcast, said that Clara Chia “A very uncomfortable situation happened” because people recognize her on the street and “they sing the song to her.” In addition to her, her colleagues from the Kosmos company, owned by the soccer player, accuse her of having “diva airs” and turn up the volume of the song when she passes through the corridors.