This is the chilling reason why Shakira is still single

It can be said that Shakira This year is going through a difficult year, especially emotionally and personally. Professionally, he released a new track last October that met the expectations of all his fans. However, the separation with Piquethe father of her children caused her great sadness.

The clairvoyant Coach Clairvoyant, who has more than 200 thousand followers on social networks, spoke about the sentimental life of Shakira. In this regard, she said: “In love she will never be happy, she will always be the naive girl, stupid in relationships, they will take advantage of her, they will be unfaithful to her, they will betray her. What her master and lord wants from her is for her to be happy with a diversity of people.”

Shakira in the promotion of her new song “Monotonia”. Source: Instagram @cfshakestoyaqui

The medium continued with his statements about Shakira and revealed something very strong for all his followers. He spoke of a pact that the ex of Gerard Piqué with the devil, in regard to its worldwide recognition of the Colombian. She is unaware of the effort and professionalism of the artist to achieve her success.

In that sense, the medium said about the roll that comes out to Shakira: “Yes, the devil’s card comes out, the card from The Star; he made this kind of pact to have a lot of fame and wealth. The Magician card, apart from being a great musical star, also gave him magical powers so that he has a lot of money, a lot of fortune, a lot of recognition, a lot of fame.”

Shakira enjoys her time with her two children. Source: Instagram @cfshakestoyaqui

The versions of this seer have generated all kinds of reactions through the different digital platforms. Many defend the successful artist. It is worth noting that many fans of Shakira they affirm that the medium performs these manifestations to generate fame for him.