This is the dream vacation of Marité Matus and Camilo Huerta

Camilo Huerta has been in a nice relationship for a while with Marite Matus. The personal trainer has recently participated in the CHV “Divine Food” program. There, he shared with the mayor of La Pintana, Claudia Pizarro, with the entertainer Karen Bejarano and with the journalist Simón Oliveros.

There, Camilo He told how he met the ex-partner of Arturo vidal. “I flirted with him on Instagram, by Direct Message. She lived in Barcelona. I saw her one day eating some very tasty churros and I wrote to her about the churros. From there we started talking and then I met her. She is a very simple woman, I loved her even more, ”she expressed.

vegetable plot was also asked about the difficulty of dating the ex of someone as well known as Vidal. “Not at all. It’s not an issue for me. We’re adults and I don’t have to claim anything from her.” Let’s remember that the Physical Education teacher has already said on more than one occasion that the two of them are very free.

“I think that there are no problems, if we are adult people. She has her life and I have no reason to claim anything from her. She has her children, I love them too,” he commented. vegetable plotregarding Emiliano, Elizabetta and Alonso “Monito” Vidal, the three children of the King.

At the moment, Marite and Camilo They were shown in their Instagram stories in a hotel complex located in the Elqui Valley, formerly also called the Coquimbo Valley. “Thank you, love,” the influencer wrote, along with a photograph of both of them with a beautiful view. “My (emoji heart)” was another of the dedications of Marite to his partner, who responded to each of the stories on the little camera’s social network.