This is the famous song that Karol G would have plagiarized in her video ‘Gatúbela’

Colombian singer Carol G The 32-year-old is one of the most listened-to Latin artists in the world today. She is also very popular on social networks where she currently accumulates more than 56 million followers from all corners of the world who are aware of everything she does.

Some days ago Carol G He premiered his first song since he has a new look with reddish hair and it’s called ‘Gatubela’. How could it be otherwise, the musical piece swept the reproductions on the different platforms and opened conversations on social networks.

More than one Internet user found similarities between ‘Gatubela’ Carol G with the song ‘I’m Slave for You’ by Britney Spears and accused Bichota of plagiarizing the video clip. Specifically, it is one of the scenes in which Anuel AA’s ex goes out in a corridor surrounded by men and then in a round where everyone moves in a very sensual way, the one that makes noise.

The song of Carol G comes 20 years later than the Britney Spears But Internet users have not let the detail pass on social networks and say that the paisa is lacking in creativity. Others pointed out that their poses are too explicit and that they do not respect the public.

So far neither Carol G neither Britney Spears They have referred to the subject but the situation is still hot on social networks. The content of the lyrics of ‘Gatubela’ has nothing to do with that of the princess of pop since it speaks of strength and female empowerment. The musical genre doesn’t either, since Bichota is urban and Britney pop and electronic, the problem here is the clip, its scenes and its movements.