This is the first photo published by Cristián de la Fuente with Angélica Castro after the infidelity

In recent months, Cristian de la Fuente Y angelica castro they were involved in a scandal because of his attitude. After it became public knowledge that the actor had been unfaithful to Angélica, the couple went through terrible times. When images of the actor kissing a girl were published, the couple closed doors to resolve the conflict and since then they have not appeared together until now.

The couple has always been one of the most united in Chile and apparently they have managed to resist the storm. Now, for the first time in a long time, Christian De La Fuente has shared a happy family photo, as he used to do in the past, before the scandal.

The Castro family – From the source. Source: Instagram @iamdelafuente.

It turns out that there was a special occasion, Laura the daughter that the couple has in common graduated and of course Christian Y Angelica They said they were present to proudly accompany their beloved little girl who is clearly grown up and making her own way. “You just graduated, you end one stage of your life and start another,” he wrote proudly. Cristian de la Fuente in a photo where their daughter is in the middle of them. He further continued:

Angelica and Laura. Source: Instagram @angelicacastro_

“Today and always you will have your parents who will continue to accompany you at every stage of your life. You don’t know how proud we are of you… you are more than we could dream of. You don’t know how much we have learned from you and how much you teach us every day to day. We love you!!” A nice comment from Christian speaking plural for his wife Angelica Castro.

And although it could be speculated that they only shared the moment because of their daughter and not because they are consolidated as a couple, many of their followers left messages of encouragement. “The three of them look beautiful, do not throw out the window what you have and have formed, we are imperfect humans and we all make mistakes”, “Congratulations Christian and Angelica. You are an example to follow for many Families. Thank you for being who you are and always radiating so much love to everyone,” were some of them.