This is the horror film that the public points out as the most disturbing of the last decade

Without a doubt, HBO Max stands out as one of the main streaming platforms, offering you the freedom to select content that perfectly suits your preferences. Its extensive catalog not only includes a varied range of series and movies, but is also carefully designed to satisfy a diverse and demanding audience when it comes to choosing. what to see. On this occasion, we propose a captivating film available on this platform “infinite death“.

“Infinite Death” is a horror and science fiction film from 2023, scripted and directed by Brandon Cronenberg. This international production features the notable participation of Alexander Skarsgård, Mia Goth and Cleopatra Coleman. The plot of the film available in HBO Max follows a struggling writer who, while on vacation, encounters a mysterious woman, unraveling dark secrets outside the resort.

Thus the story of “infinite death” centers on James Foster, a novelist, and his wife Em, who spend time at a resort in the fictional coastal country of Li Tolqa during a local festival. Marital conflicts intensify when Gabi, an admirer of James’s only novel, invites them to share time with her and her husband Alban. Tensions begin when, after a day of sun and alcohol, James accidentally runs over a local. Gabi insists on not calling the police, alleging corruption in the country. The next day she takes James to an extreme situation, being arrested and facing a peculiar form of justice that involves the creation and execution of a clone for his crime.

The plot of the film available in HBO Max becomes more intense when James decides to extend his stay and becomes involved with a group of doomed Western tourists who pay to witness the deaths of their own duplicates. The film explores dark themes, including the dehumanization of the protagonists and their immersion in a world of crime and depravity. The narrative reaches its climax when James, after suffering abuse and manipulation, decides to resist the group and flee to freedom. The outcome leaves the viewer with a shocking final scene.

The film premiered at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival on January 22, arriving in Canadian theaters on January 27 from Elevation Pictures. Critics praised the film for its atmosphere and Cronenberg’s direction, receiving mostly positive reviews. It is so “infinite death” is an excellent option when choosing what to see in HBO Max.

Source: IMDB