This is the house that Carolina Arregui is building in Chiloé

The actress Carolina Arregui The 57-year-old is one of the great figures on television and as a consequence one of the most followed on social networks, where she accumulates more than 750,000 followers from all corners of the world who are on the lookout for her news.

For them, Carolina Arregui She shares previews of her work as well as her best poses and looks that she is the owner of a unique beauty. But now, the protagonist of “Juego de Ilusiones” in Mega, she surprised all her fans by showing the new family project that she has on the island of Chiloé.

Carolina Arregui He is building a house in this town that he will later enjoy with his family on days off. “We came with the whole family to see our new home in Chiloé,” wrote the actress along with postcards showing the progress of this construction overlooking the sea.

Carolina Arregui with family in Chiloé. Source: Instagram @carito_arregui

His daughter Maria Jesus asked him what he felt Carolina Arregui having her family reunited before this project and she replied: “Shocking, I can’t believe it”, and then commented that she is going to do a machitún to make this dream come true and said with a laugh: “Everything is turning out wonderful. Let us Go well, go well.”

Finally, Carolina Arregui He made a confession to his daughter and said: “How are you, María Jesús, our dream come true. Did you see that miracles exist?” The property is spacious, it has wooden details, a wide view of the sea but they still do not know the dimensions or spaces.