This is the incredible Adamari López Christmas tree that everyone wants to have

This year Adamari López showed the Christmas tree that she has in her mansion in Miami. Toni Costa She will not receive gifts here this year and lucky Alaïa will receive gifts twice. The changes in the driver’s life have even reached her Christmas tree.

“As you know, every year we make a Christmas tree in the house and many times we try to find something different” he said. Adamari Lopez. The driver was in charge of pointing out the small objects that adorned the tree. This time they chose blue satin cups, teapots, crosses and ribbons that wrapped the plant.

This year they chose it snowy, that is, an artificial substance is placed on the tree that makes it appear covered with snow, the only snow that could withstand the heat of Florida. Does not point Adamari if the tree was natural or artificial, but the second option is more than likely if we consider that it has been intervened with artificial snow.

His daughter Alaïa prowled the living room of the house and appeared at times in the video. “What do you like the most about the tree?” Alaïa asks curious. “I really like little crosses, and I really like tapes” he replied. Adamari returning the question to your little one. The girl wandered around the room and indicated to her mother which were her favorite pieces.

Source: Instagram @toni

In fact, Toni Costa’s ex also matched the Christmas pine tree. She was wearing a dress with a white background and patterned blue vegetation. “It was pure chance,” he explained. The truth is that he had been in a meeting with friends and then took advantage of the moment to record the clip. In that living room everything went with everything, and Santa Claus will be more than happy to visit that home. Are there chimneys in Florida?