This is the inside of Juana Viale’s luxurious circular home

The actress Juana Viale The 40-year-old is in the middle of a well-deserved rest in southern Argentina and Chile. Mirtha Legrand’s granddaughter showed more than a million followers of her Instagram stories some paradisiacal postcards, although she did not specify in which specific location she vacations.

On these days Juana Viale faces strong rumors of separation from his partner, the architect Augustine Goldenhorn, with whom he had formed a blended family with his children and his two. The gallant was also building a circular house for him since 2021 and on his social networks he showed some progress on the project.

“Gypsy House – Interior patio. Everything I wanted from a first sketch is reflected in this space: Green, all the senses activated, architecture, lightness, textures, breezes. light. Your idea, little fish, is the heart of everything. Gypsy , We are going to get along so well…”, wrote the boyfriend of Juana Viale Some months ago.

This house is located in the San Isidro neighborhood in the province of Buenos Aires, and in addition to being circular in shape, it has a large amount of vegetation, glass windows, wooden interiors, and a well-marked minimalist design as people like. Juana Viale.

Juana Viale. Source: Terra archive

At the moment there are no more news about the state of the relationship between Juana Viale Y Augustine Goldenhorn, but in the event that they confirm that they have been separated since the end of 2022, it will be necessary to see if the property is put up for sale or remains in the hands of one of the two.