This is the inside of the luxurious house of Dr. Polo de Caso Cerrado

Ana Maria Polo 63-year-old, who is the host and protagonist of the incredible television program “Case Closed” where she solves family and couple problems, has a long history in her career not only in show business, but also as a professional lawyer.

The controversial judge of the big screen of “Case closed” She doesn’t like to show herself to her public so much, so she is usually quite reserved and therefore we know little about her private and personal life. Although there are some specific data regarding her family, such as that she has a sister named Alina with whom she has worked together on her famous program.

Doctor Polo behind the scenes in her famous program “Case Closed”. Source: Instagram @anapolotv

In turn, the doctor pole On some occasions, she has revealed what her luxurious home is like inside through social networks, since she is usually very active with her fans through her official Instagram where she already has more than 2.5 million followers who support her. and give love

Recently, anna maria polo He shared a short video on the social network of the most famous camera where you could see the inside of his house, where he could see the doctor encouraging the Argentine team and even shouting: “Up Argentina, the cup is yours”, demonstrating his support for the team that won the world cup in Qatar.

In the film, not only did the final match between Argentina and France appear, but it also showed a bit of the interior of his house, where you could see stylish furniture such as armchairs and tables that combined perfectly with the interior decoration. many pictures and decorations on the walls.