This is the inside of the luxurious mansion that Pampita has in Tigre

pampita She is one of the best-known models and television personalities in Argentina, and recently shared images of her impressive mansion located in the Tigre area with her followers on social media. The house, which is located within a gated community, has a large number of luxuries and amenities for its inhabitants, including Pampita and her husband Roberto García Moritán.

The ex’s house Benjamin Vicuna It has a large garden where it is possible to enjoy the outdoors and connect with nature. In addition, the house is designed with large windows to allow natural light to enter the house and provide an impressive view of the landscape that surrounds the property.

For pampita and his family, the mansion in Tigre is an ideal place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and spend quality time together. in your account instagramPampita shared some images of the house, and commented that it is especially pleasant during the summer, thanks to its view of the river and the pool that offers a refuge from the heat.

Regarding the decoration, pampita he chose a light and bright color palette, with white walls and furniture in a light brown shade. This choice of colors gives a feeling of spaciousness and freshness throughout the house.

Ultimately, the mansion pampita in the Tigre area is a true luxury refuge, designed to offer a unique experience of connection with nature and enjoy family moments. The images that the model shared on her social networks allow followers to appreciate the beauty and comfort of this impressive property.