This is the inside of the luxurious private jet that Marc Anthony shares with Nadia Ferreira

It is no secret that the singer Mark Anthony leads a life of luxury with his fiancée, the model Nadia Ferrera. Since they were seen together for the first time at the beginning of this year, the couple has become inseparable and it is on social networks that they show all the details of their routine.

Mark Anthony he has a pretty hectic schedule but he manages to make it coincide with his girlfriend’s Nadia Ferrera, that after passing through Miss Universe does not stop monopolizing the covers of fashion magazines and campaigns of international trends and beauty brands.

We can say that Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira they spend most of their time traveling and they do it in an exclusive private jet. There they have spent important moments such as birthdays and the commitment in which they promised to pass through the altar soon. The aircraft is a Gulfstream g550 model and has a value of 40 million euros.

The couple’s jet. Source: instagram @nadiatferreira

The truth is that the favorite transport of Marc Anthony and Nadia Fereira It has maintenance expenses such as overflight, landing, and parking that are around 100 thousand euros, but nothing is impossible to pay for the interpreter of ‘Vivir mi vida’, especially if it is worth it for the comfort it gives the couple.

Nobody on the jet. Source: instagram @nadiatferreira

The interior of the private jet Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira It has comfortable seats that make the couple have a first class trip. It also has modern furniture and an excellent gastronomy service to enjoy the meeting, as well as carpets in light colors and bathrooms with marble and mirrors.