This is the key proof that Gerard Piqué wants to get back with Shakira

Gerard Piqué Y Clara Chia They continue to be easy prey for the press and information about their relationship and Piqué’s betrayal towards the mother of his children, Shakira, continues to be revealed. Among the latest news, a few days ago a detail came to light in one of the live broadcasts that Piqué used to do with his Barca teammates.

Clara Chía and Piqué on their last trip. Source: Twitter @showmundialshow

In the video that dates back a year and a half, he already appears at Piqué’s house and Shakira, Clara Chía walking as if she were the mistress of the home. While at that time the Colombian singer was traveling with her children. It is enough to take a couple of accounts to notice that the relationship between Clara Chía and Gerard Piqué has been going on for much longer.

Shakira and her son Milan. Source: Twitter @showmundialshow

But this is not the only novelty, as reported by followers of Shakira and some Spanish media, Piqué would now be disappointed and frustrated by the decisions taken. Now the former soccer player would have met a girlfriend much younger than him, who has immature behavior.

The rumor is that after his last trip to Prague, Piqué and Clara Chia They would have ended their relationship, and the main cause would have been Piqué’s regret because of missing Shakira. However, there is a particular fact that reveals why Piqué misses Shakira. According to journalist Alfonso Merlos, during the trip one of the discussions that arose between Clara Chia and Gerard Piqué, It was because he was checking Shakira’s Instagram profile.

Shakira and Pique. Source: Twitter @showmundialshow

However, there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel for the relationship of shakerOh Piqué, apparently she knew before finishing with him about the existence of Clara Chia, like a friend. And now, the singer is finding out about too many infidelities on the part of Gerard Piqué in their 12 years of relationship, it would be hard for her to forgive him.