This is the language problem that Thalía has and few know

the mexican singer Thalia 51 years old is one of the great voices in Spanish, she has an important career with more than three decades in the world of entertainment both in front of the cameras on the recording sets of soap operas and in front of the microphone.

Thalia He is far from retiring and on the contrary, he does not stop producing music for his millions of fans from all over the world. A few weeks ago he released the song PsychoBitch and these days he is in charge of promoting it to the press and also to his more than 20 million followers on social networks.

It was during a conversation with Karla Díaz from “Pinky Promise” that Thalia He has a language problem that few know about and that complicates his daily life. “I don’t know if anyone knows, but I’m dyslexic,” revealed the wife of Tommy Mottola to the astonishment of the driver.

“There are times when it is so difficult for me to speak English. For example, right now there is this dilemma: is it psycho beach or psycho bitch, is it psycho beach or what,” he explained. Thalia and surprised. What her fans did know is that she has suffered from Lyme disease for 15 years and that although she is under medical treatment, sometimes the pain is very intense.

Thalia. Source: Terra archive

The dyslexia that suffers Thalia It is not a neurological problem but rather a learning difficulty and that represents a challenge for those who study within a traditional system. “The main problem with dyslexia is the difficulty in recognizing phonemes,” she detailed on the Kids Health site, and that is precisely what the singer struggles with English the most.