This is the luxurious pool of the China Suárez mansion

Argentine actress Maria Eugenia Suárez 30 years old, she is one of the most popular women in the region and also one of the most followed on social networks with more than six million followers from all over the world who are aware of her movements.

Summer has just exploded throughout Latin America and the china suarez enjoy it like never before. Although there are a few days left before the vacation period begins on the Argentine coast, the actress enjoys a large and luxurious pool in the house where she lives and which was once in dispute with her ex, Benjamin Vicuna.

it was the same china suarez the one who shared a postcard of her posing on an inflatable mattress from this pool that is surrounded by a park, umbrellas, lounge chairs, support tables and amenities. It also includes a fence to protect her children from falling into the water without supervision.

Around this pool china suarez He spends his best moments with family and friends, as well as having fun with his crush Rusherking. On more than one occasion, she has shown herself in different swimsuits that fit perfectly with her elaborate silhouette.

Chinese Suarez. Source: instagram @sangrejaponesa

A few weeks ago the china suarez She went through difficult times amid rumors that her boyfriend Rusherking had cheated on her with her ex, Maria Becerra, in a hotel in Los Angeles in advance of the Grammy Awards, but she, true to her style, showed in her stories photos of how united they are and that nothing worries them.