This is the luxurious vacation of Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía Martí in the United Arab Emirates

The football player Gerard Piqué The 36-year-old is enjoying a vacation with his girlfriend these days Clara Chia Marti in the United Arab Emirates, since it takes advantage of the end of the first edition of the King’s League. The couple would have chosen this destination to avoid being persecuted by the paparazzi, but images were leaked anyway.

the face of Clara Chia Marti and of Gerard Piqué It has been on all portals for several months when the player announced his divorce from the singer Shakira. For this reason, several guests of the luxury hotel where the couple enjoys a rest recognized them and took photos.

The reason for this trip was to celebrate 24 years of Clara Chia Marti in the greatest possible intimacy with your lover Gerard Piqué. In the photos that went viral on social networks, they can be seen holding hands and the publicist holds a bouquet of flowers in one of her hands.

In the next few days the honeymoon of Gerard Pique and Clara Chia Marti since the athlete will travel to Miami to see his children Milan and Sasha who apparently have adapted quite well to their new life with Shakira, but the former Barcelona player will not be able to take his girlfriend with him.

Clara Chia Marti and Gerard Piqué. Source: Terra archive

Thus, Clara Chia Marti will return to his activities in Spain while awaiting the return of Pique and she recovers from these luxurious vacations in the United Arab Emirates away from the press but very close to the public eye that has been watching her since she appeared as the third in discord between Shakira and your partner.