This is the meme of Daniela Aránguiz and Jorge Valdivia that went viral

The model and beauty influencer Daniela Aranguiz she returned to the ring after a break with her children in Miami and Paris and apparently she is still separated from her ex-partner, the soccer player Jorge Valdivia, Although they have had their approaches, reconciliation has not yet arrived because she cannot forgive his infidelities.

The thunder between Daniela Aranguiz Y Jorge Valdivia including the special participation of Anita Alvarado adding fuel to the fire was the most commented thing in Chile until Shakira released her song ‘BZRP Music Sessions 53’ to take revenge on Gerard Piqué after their separation and tell her version of events.

Now on the television program “Tal Cual” they talked about the separation of Shakira and Piqué in the media, but Raquel Argandoña was exposed by a meme about Daniela Aranguiz and Jorge Valdivia that he sent to his colleagues and that is strictly related to the new song of the Colombian.

“A meme came out, they are very ingenious, I sent it to the channel’s Whatsapp, they saw that Piqué was with Clara in a restaurant, he looks at her and says ‘thank goodness this W doesn’t sing,” said Raquel Argandoña on air but the director he delimited from behind the scenes that what he had sent was about Daniela Aránguiz and Jorge Valdivia.

Daniela Aránguiz and Jorge Valdivia in meme. Source: YouTube capture

The director immediately put the much-mentioned meme on the screen and you can see Daniela Aránguiz and Jorge Valdivia at a dinner and a thought balloon appears from the player that says: “Luckily this wna doesn’t sing” in reference to the fact that in this way he cannot take revenge on his ex as Shakira did.