This is the Netflix original movie considered the best of all to date

Beyond the multiplication of streaming platform offers in recent times, Netflix continues to be the most chosen by the general public. In large part this is due to its always renewed offer of original films and series what to see; So today we present the film that until now has been considered by the public and critics as the best original production on the platform: The gray man.

With 3 of the biggest stars in Hollywood today leading the cast of this film, “The Gray Man” presents a plot full of intrigue and action that does not give a second of respite. All these factors have positioned it as the public’s favorite of Netflix when searching what to see.

Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans face each other to the death in this original film Netflix. The synopsis what to see in Netflix of “The gray man” reads as follows: When a CIA agent discovers compromising secrets of the agency, he faces a sociopath who is looking for him all over the world and who has put a price on his head.

The gray man” also features the performance of Ana de Armas, the sensational actress of the moment. Incredibly, this film has become the most chosen original production when searching for what to see on the platform.

This film proposes an entire universe of its own, something similar to what we have seen with the John Wick saga, but it also adds that tone of permanent intrigue that good spy films know how to sustain, as we have seen in the Jason Bourne saga, Man from Uncle, and the best installments of Mission Impossible. If movies with big action scenes and intriguing plots are your thing then “The gray man” is the right choice for you if you are looking for what to see in Netflix.

Source: Netflix