This is the new project of Sonia Isaza, the girlfriend of Arturo Vidal

The model Sonia Isaac 35 years old is one of the most followed women on social networks for her beauty and talent. She is also the current partner of the soccer player Arturo vidal and they are inseparable at every opportunity they have before their millions of followers around the world.

Sonia Isaac She is very active on the little camera social network and already has more than three and a half million followers from all corners of the world. For them, the girlfriend of Arturo vidal shares her best looks and poses since she owns an enviable figure as a result of her perseverance with physical exercise.

Sonia Isaac He has always used social networks to provide advice on physical exercise and good nutrition to his followers and has now announced that he will launch a training application so that everyone can achieve their goals in an orderly manner.

The promotion of the Sonia app. Source: instagram @niaisazaoficial

“Finally my training schedule is coming soon. Start training with me from Thursday. Please look forward to it!” he wrote. Sonia Isaac in the social network of the camera and its partner, Arturo vidal, He was the first to comment on the publication and said: “I will be the first @niaisazaoficial” along with emojis of hearts, fires and strength.

Sonia Isaac. Source: Terra archive

Immediately, fans of Sonia Isaac who have been closely following his training routine for a long time, filled the publication with thousands of likes and hundreds of comments approving the initiative and joining the physical exercise sessions coordinated by the girlfriend of Arturo vidal.