This is the new project of the unrecognized son of Puma Rodríguez, who has nothing to do with music

The singer Juan Jose Rodriguez 52 years old is known within the art world as El Puma Junior. Although it was never made clear whether or not he is the unrecognized son of the famous cougar rodriguezhe continues to promote his musical work on social networks where he accumulates more than 53 thousand followers.

The truth is that now junior cougar He launched a new business that has nothing to do with music and it is about his line of wines. The singer was the one who announced the news on social networks and shared postcards of the bottles that he will initially distribute in the United States.

Puma JR Wines is the brand of the wine line of the junior cougar and the bottle labels bear his face. Also the unrecognized son of Jose Luis Rodriguez He went further and shared a photo on the camera’s social network with the list of celebrities who have their own wine production such as Angelina Jolie, Julio Iglesias, David Beckham and Sting.

Puma Junior wines. Source: instagram @elpumajunior

He junior cougar He has commented little about this new business, and has only limited himself to saying: “The winery that produces my wines is one of the most famous in Spain, Torello” and also the singer joked with the slogan of his brand and sentenced: ” Because he came is Puma ”.

Puma Junior wines. Source: instagram @elpumajunior

Parallel to this new business, the junior cougar is promoting the premiere of his CD “Homenajes” and for this he visits different countries in Latin America. In his most recent appearance he was in Puerto Rico and sang his songs in honor of the group Los Panchos.