This is the photo that confirms that Karol G and Feid are in a relationship

Colombian singer Carol G The 33-year-old is the Latin queen of song and everything she does draws attention. A few weeks ago, she reappeared on social networks with a new look in which she gave way to her red hair and left behind the light blue that characterized her in recent times.

Carol G She is very active on social networks where she accumulates more than 55 million followers from all latitudes who do not lose track of her and the truth is that Bichota has many appearances because she is in permanent contact with her fans and keeps them up to date with her activities.

But now there is something that caught the attention of his most attentive followers and that is that on his face you can see a tattoo that is a red heart, while Feid, the singer-songwriter who has been linked on more than one occasion with Carol G It has the same but in green color.

The coincidence of Karol G and Feid. Source: instagram @chismes.hoycol

Immediately fans of Carol G they took it as a sign and warned that Bichota is really in a relationship with pheid but who prefer to leave it hidden. The most unbelieving claim that it is just a coincidence or make up and that there is no relationship.

Karol G. Source: Terra archive

“I don’t know, the truth is that I think it’s silly, all boyfriends get tattoos, they have Emmanuel in their hands and now on their faces, nothing to do with it”, “best friends can do that, but hey” and “they have the color heart that everyone likes”, were some of the reactions received by the publications of Carol G Y pheid in the social network.