This is the proof that confirms that the wedding of Yailin La Más Viral and Anuel AA was false

Anuel AA and Yailin, the most viral, became one of the most controversial couples in the entertainment world, since the Puerto Rican ragpicker and the Dominican singer have starred in scandals since they married in the middle of this year. In the last hours, the rumor began to emerge that the two artists would not have married for love, but more than anything to make Karol G jealous, who is the ex-girlfriend of the Puerto Rican and everything would indicate that the wedding was a farce.

Life has not been easy at all Anuel AA, because despite being considered one of the most influential singers of the urban genre and inventor of the trap, he spent more than two and a half years in prison for illegal possession of firearms. It was behind bars that he released his first album that became a success and from then on he did not stop growing. One of his latest scandals is against his former manager, who accuses him of breach of contract, to which the singer responded with a lawsuit.

Anuel has conflicts with his former manager. Source Instagram @anuel

After what was the controversial and abrupt separation between Anuel AA and Karol G despite being engaged, the Puerto Rican singer left La Bichota behind and months later he met who today is his current wife, the Dominican singer Yailin, the most viral, a 20-year-old girl who would have been the third in discord in the couple.

Anuel and Yailin have been very much in love. Source Instagram @anuel

But, in a radio program, the rumor was spread that the wedding between Anuel Y yailin, the most viral It had been false and it was only to make Karol G jealous. It was last June when the Puerto Rican and the young singer were photographed signing the wedding contract. The couple decided to get married in the Dominican Republic so that Yailin’s family could attend, but suspicions were not long in coming, because they state that there is no documentation proving that there was a wedding.

Rumors claim that Anuel and Yailin’s wedding is false. Source Instagram @anuel

So many were the suspicions that revolved around the wedding of Anuel Y yailin, that many assured that the ragpicker had had an affair with Shaarza Moriel, an influencer. On the other hand, the rumor of pregnancy on the part of the singer’s wife was unleashed, something that was denied by the young woman herself on her social networks.