This is the radical change of look that Rusherking made, after separating from China Suárez

Thomás Nicolás Tobar is better known as Rusherking and is one of the most prominent rappers in Argentina and thanks to his successes he has achieved success throughout America. The 22-year-old composer became more popular when his romance with Eugenia ‘La China’ Suárez whom he met in 2022, but after an unexpected publication from both of them, they announced the final separation. After the separation of the singers, the interpreter of ‘Además de mí’ decided to innovate with a new change of look that surprised everyone.

rusherking He began to gain popularity when he released his first single “Además de mí” with which he gained great recognition and reached the top spot in Billboard magazine and with which he received three platinum records. Later, the Argentine singer released new songs that included some important collaborations and that placed him among the top positions on digital platforms. In turn, his relationship with the Argentine singer María Becerra became known, with whom he was for almost three years and they separated due to an alleged infidelity on the part of the young man.

Rusherking is a prominent Argentine singer. Source Instagram @rusherking

On the other hand, in the year 2022 it became known in the entertainment world that rusherking He was having an affair with China Suárez, who had been the protagonist of a scandal with Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi. There was some criticism because Benjamín Vicuña’s ex was nine years apart from him. However, they were happy and even the actress came out in a video clip of the Argentine rapper. When everything seemed to be going well, the artists announced their separation.

After the separation of rusherking and China Suárez, both the actress and the singer decided to make it known that they were no longer together and stopped following each other on social networks. To leave behind the also singer, the Argentine rapper decided to bet on a new change of look and decided to get the haircut that is a trend in the world of fashion.

Rusherking decided to go through the salon of a renowned Argentine hairdresser and opted for the cut known as ‘fade’, which consists of a gradient with a shaved side and a jopo on the head. The ex-boyfriend of the china suarez He accompanied the post with the message: “The beast is back.” In addition, he could be seen wearing Gucci clothes at a concert that he gave in recent days.

Gucci clothing chosen by Rusherking. Source Instagram @rusherking